How Zithromax saved my trip

How Zithromax saved my trip

When I say that Zithromax saved my trip, I’m not lying because it really did. Without it, my trip might have become a nightmare that I wouldn’t like to remember. This way, I have some great memories from the trip and I am more than happy that in the end, everything turned out fine.

The reason this particular trip was so important was because it was the time and place where my wife and I chose to renew our vowels. Of course, only our kids were with us, there were no other guests because we didn’t want to make a spectacle out of it. We simply wanted to let our kids know that their parents still love each other and we thought that this was a perfect opportunity to do it.

Our destination was Mexico because we really liked the country and the people. A lot of our friends have already been there and they all talked about how wonderful it was there. The kids of course like travelling and when it comes to them, they really don’t mind where we are going as long as we are going. They never really care about the destination. Since there are three of them, they always find a way to entertain themselves.

Anyway, our trip was supposed to last for two weeks and we were all getting really excited for being able to spend so much time together. My wife and I work a lot and this was a great opportunity to spend some quality time together with our kids. During the first couple of days, everything was fine. And then suddenly, I woke up one night and I realized that I had awful cramps that could not be ignored.

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I thought that I must have eaten something and that everything would be fine soon, but it really wasn’t because I spent the entire day in the bathroom. Since my wife is a doctor, it didn’t take her a long time to figure out that I was dealing with traveler’s diarrhea.

Fortunately, everybody else was fine and I was the only one with the problem that made it extremely difficult for me to enjoy myself. My family, although they felt sorry for me, couldn’t really stay in the room the whole day. My wife took them out and she gave me Zithromax, told me not to worry and reassured me that everything would be over soon. And she was right. I soon started feeling better.

After everything was over a few days later, my kids, together with my wife, started teasing me about how sensitive I was. And I was able to laugh about the whole thing together with them at the time, but I sincerely doubt that if they had teased me while I was going through a nightmare that I would have found it so funny. There is no doubt that Zithromax solved the problem quickly and thanks to this medication, I was able to enjoy the rest of my trip.

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