How Zithromax helped my kid


I hate to say it, but my son is really a piece of work. Now, don’t get me wrong, he is a great kid, he never gets into some kind of major trouble, but he doesn’t really like school. I know that most kids don’t like school and in that respect, he is no different, but there is something that I think other kids don’t really do. Namely, my kid, whenever he has swimming in school or something else that he really, really doesn’t like, he always lies about how he is not feeling really well.

Most of the time, he complains about having headaches, stomach-aches and who knows what else. In the beginning, of course I believed him and took him to the doctor each time. I don’t have to tell you about the embarrassment I experienced when the doctor said that there was nothing wrong with him. My kid, on the other hand, was not embarrassed at all and the only thing he said was that he had to try.

Of course, when you know that your kid is prone to lying when it comes to how he is feeling, you must become skilled at recognizing whether there is really something wrong or not. So when he woke up one day and complained about having a sore throat, I thought that it was just one of his lies and I made him go to school. To tell you the truth, he genuinely looked ill, but I just thought that he mastered the technique of looking sick.

However, when a school nurse called after a couple of hours and told me that I should come and pick him up, I felt horrible, especially after she gave me a lesson on how I should pay more attention to my son and how I should trust him. Before I even had a chance to tell her all about his lying habits, she sent us out and told me to take my son to our physician.

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It turned out that strep throat was what my son was dealing with. Fortunately, the doctor didn’t judge me for sending my son to school because he knew everything, but he urged me to try to find a way of figuring out when my son is lying and when he is not. My son was given Zithromax and the doctor said that the medication should soon make everything better.

And shortly after he started taking Zithromax, my son started feeling better and since he was home, I took advantage of the situation to try to explain to my son how dangerous it is to lie about illnesses. I told him that when you constantly lie about things, people tend not to believe you when you finally decide to tell the truth, which could have serious consequences, especially when you don’t start the treatment as soon as you can. My son told me that he understood everything and that fortunately, there were medications such as the one he had been taking, Zithromax, which helped people feel better in almost no time. Although that was not the point I was trying to make, it felt comforting to know that my son at least thought about everything.

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