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Cefixime is a cephalosporin antibiotic used for treatment of different kind of infections caused by bacteria. Infections treated with Cefixime are: chest, ear, and urinary tract infections, throat infections, certain stages of gonorrhea.

Be careful with drug usage if you have or ever had allergic reactions to any other similar antibiotics especially penicillin. If you are not sure about it, speak to your healthcare professional to find out more. It is possible that Cefixime usage may be dangerous in your case. You should follow all the instructions of your doctor and take the medicine exactly as long as it is prescribed to you. No not stop taking antibiotic after you feel better. Your symptoms may improve before the infection is completely killed. Do not try to cure cold or flu with Cefixime: antibiotics won’t treat viral infections. The drug may provoke diarrhea. Don’t try to stop it by taking any other medications unless it is recommended by your doctor. Start taking the medicine with food, it may reduce stomach upset.

Possible side effects could not be anticipated in every case. If you notice any unusual bothersome such as abdominal pain, gas, indigestion, loose stools, mild diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting contact your doctor immediately. You should discuss the necessity of drug taking before you stop using Cefixime at all.

Antibiotics: classification and uses


An antibiotic is a chemical produced by or derived from microorganisms (i.e. germs such as bacteria and fungi or bugs). Antibiotics are among the most frequently prescribed medications in modern medicine. Antibiotics cure disease by killing the bacteria or by bacterial reproduction and growth inhibition. Some antibiotics can be used to treat a wide range of infectious diseases and are known as “broad-spectrum” antibiotics. Others are only effective against a few types of bacteria and are called “narrow-spectrum” antibiotics.

Bacterial resistance

The treatment of infectious disease is compromised by the development of antibiotic-resistant strains of microbial pathogens. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are germs that cannot be killed by commonly used antibiotics. When bacteria are exposed to the same antibiotics over and over, a variety of biochemical processes occur within these bacteria. These processes may keep antibiotics out of the cell, alter the target of the drug, or disable the antibiotic allowing bacteria to change and no longer be affected by this drug.

The rapid spread or development of antibiotic resistance may compromise standard empiric treatment of many infectious diseases. Resistant bacteria do not respond to the antibiotics and continue to cause infection. Indeed, the greatest threat to successful antibiotic coverage, and hence the driving force behind the search for new therapies, is the evolution and spread of antibiotic resistance.

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Beta-lactamases are enzymes produced by some bacteria and are responsible for their resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics like penicillins, cephalosporins, cephamycins and carbapenems. Beta-lactam antibiotics are mainly used to treat a broad spectrum of gram positive and gram-negative bacteria.

Often beta-lactam antibiotics are combined with bacterial beta-lactamase inhibitors in order to be able treat infections caused by bacteria resistant to beta-lactam antibiotics (for example ampicillin/sulbactam, ticarcillin/clavulanate, amoxicillin/clavulanic acid, piperacillin/tazobactam, etc). Nowadays these combined drugs are called next generation antibiotics.

Get Rid of Gonorrhea and Be a Better You: Don’t Acquire it

Numbers of people infected with Gonorrhea are increasing; on the other hand, this may be because many people are being confirmed as cures have improved. Treatment for gonorrhea consists of a simple process, which involves either an antibiotic administration or a sole dosage of antibiotics. Any kind of cure is offered, it’s successful at around 95% of cases. It must only lead to one line of treatment to get rid of Gonorrhea if the infection is observed early on. Nevertheless, if it has been uncured for a long period and complications have emerged, patients may require a longer track of antibiotics.
In many cases, persons who are gonorrhea infected would even be infected with Chlamydia later. As a matter of fact, about 30% of people who are verified positive for Gonorrhea would be found to have Chlamydia. That is the reason why treatment for both STDs is generally offered together. Surely, it is realistic to have total sexual health analysis if you feel you encompass Gonorrhea. It’s not peculiar to have over one STD. Not only a packed sexual health test signifies treatment can be available as speedily as possible, but it offers actual composure. There are various things that can persuade the antibiotics provided to patients having Gonorrhea. For example, you must inform your doctor or other health care provider if you’re pregnant. If you are, various antibiotics may be prearranged to battle the Gonorrheal infection.
Self-discipline or maintaining monogamous sexual relationship is simply the surest means to evade sexually transmitted Gonorrhea infection. The doctor will recommend an antibiotic like ciprofloxacin, cefixime, and additionally, all individuals with gonorrhea must be cured for Chlamydia, usually with doxycycline or azithromycin. Receive antibiotics for an entire period prescribed. Refrain from sexual activities till you’re certain by your doctor that infection is totally treated. Over-the-counter pain relievers can be utilized to help ease discomfort. Gonorrhea present in the eye is treated with IV antibiotics plus eye irrigation with antibiotics solution. In addition, sex partners ought to be submitted for therapy.
Self controlled oxygen therapy is much suggested when you undergo gonorrhea cure methods. Discovering and studying on this powerful substitute treatment with related proper nutrition makes it extremely proficient. Based on studies, it was discovered that if you restrain or deny a cell 35% of its required degrees of oxygen for around two to three days, the cell will befall malevolent and will be apt to diverse kinds of diseases and infections. Person nowadays do not comprehend that is short of oxygen is the source of the majority of diseases. If the body is abounding with plentiful quantity of oxygen, harmful bacteria, no viruses, pathogens, toxins, and disease microorganisms can endure since they can’t survive in an extremely oxygenated body.
If Gonorrhea therapy is efficient, you must notice any signs and symptoms starting to alleviate in a few days completely following about two weeks. If it is not the case, you must come back to your clinic for additional cure and possibly, supplementary tests. Get routine checks from STD testing centers to know if you are positive for the STD Gonorrhea. And since treatment is now highly sophisticated, early detection and prompt treatment can certainly save you from a lot of troubles.

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Coping up with Gonorrhea

Since the year 1970s, the Gonorrhea disease has become a tougher and more expensive condition to treat due to its amplified level of resistance to some particular antibiotics. In truth, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has expected that 30% of gonorrhea strains have grown to be defiant to the custom antibiotics in the year 1994, and then there was an increasing difficulties since. In addition, there are numerous of individuals that have caught both the gonorrhea and Chlamydia infections. Therefore the 2-drug management program grew to become widespread. The medications which were applied to cure the Gonorrhea disease include ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin, cefixime, spectinomycin, and ceftriaxone. Azithromycin/Doxycycline and Ceftriaxone are the typical medications that are delivered at the same time for the treatment of the probable concomitant Chlamydia; whilst for the women that are pregnant, erythromycin became the substitute for the aforesaid anti-Chlamydia agents.
One important thing to consider first is to ensure that all medications that are delivered have been in use. As soon as an antibiotic course isn’t completed, the certain medication will only remove the organisms which are vulnerable to the particular antibiotic, hence allowing those that oppose to the effects of that particular antibiotic to replicate or reproduce then eventually create a new infection which might become more difficult to cure. Patients are advised to stay away from having any sexual contacts before treatment is completed, and also they still need to come back to the clinic for a couple of follow-up tests. Furthermore, the sex partners of the patients at the time of infection should be informed (even though they do not have any signs or symptoms of the illness) to ensure them to take any precautionary actions.
It also needs to be regarded that the sensing of the possible Gonorrhea victims vary quite easily depending on how early this specific disease has been spotted and then handled. When this ailment is instantly treated effectively, the sufferers of this condition can be cured completely. Nearly 40% of the female sufferers who are not instantly cured have developed a pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) as well as the possibility of infertility. Although the dreadful danger of sterility is higher in women than that of men, men are also probable to be sterilized once their urethras become swollen as the effect of a gonorrhea infection that was left uncured. If a female has experienced an episode of PID, she becomes 6-10 times much more likely (if a pregnancy is going to take place) to start a pregnancy that will develop outside her uterus which could absolutely cause death. Additionally, those untreated women are prone to liver infection. Nearly 2% of the neglected gonorrhea patients experience a gonococcal infection that propagate through the entire patient’s body and may cause fever, arthritis-like joint pain and skin lesions.
Sadly, there aren’t any gonorrhoeal vaccinations available these days, nevertheless there are a number of that are still under improvement. Still, one of the best gonorrhea prevention is to stay away from having any sexual behaviors that may include a number of sexual partners.
Additionally, one should really think about going to nearby STD clinics when they found themselves distracted by anything that relates to the illness. An individual can look for advice as well as have some lab tests which can detect any probable strain of the Gonorrhea disease. That individual will be inquired with relevant questions by the health care expert concerning the possibility of a disease. Hence, it is vital that truthful answers will be given so that you can help these medical experts figure out accurately the form of infection one can have. A very good thing about these clinics also is that your confidentiality is made sure 100%.

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Side Effects of Cefixime

Before the intake of medicine it is important to consult your doctor and inform him about your medical history and the allergy you might have to particular drugs. Cefixime medication may cause loss of appetite, stomach upset, dizziness, headache, fatigue, muscle aches and strange taste in the mouth. Consult your doctor promptly if you experience any of these side effects.
Some other side effects such as fever, change in the amount of urine, seizures, easy bleeding or bruising are less likely to occur but needs to be informed to the doctor. The allergic reaction may be indicated by Symptoms that include breathing difficulties, swellings, rashes, and dizziness or itching in such cases contact your doctor or pharmacist. In some cases use of this medication for longer periods may result in oral, bladder or vaginal yeast infections.

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