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Actos (pioglitazone) is a highly-efficient diabetes medicine intended for patients who need to control their blood sugar levels because of being diagnosed with type II diabetes (diabetes mellitus). The following health conditions you have or used to have are supposed to be reported to your health care provider before you start taking Actos: congestive heart failure, liver disease, history of stroke, history of heart attack, and heart disease. Take this medicine once a day with some food or without. Regular use of Actos is the best way to make sure you will get all the benefits of the treatment. However, Actos is only a part of a comprehensive program of treatment that also includes diet, exercise, and weight control. Your doctor may also recommend other medicines to treat your diabetes. Your blood and liver function may need to be tested regularly while you are using this medication. Make sure you show up for regular appointments. If you are having a planned surgery, your surgeon may advise stopping the treatment temporarily and resuming it after the operation. Avoid taking medicines that have been reported to interact with Actos (gemfibrozil, rifampin, midazolam, nifedipine, and furosemide), drugs that can cause high blood sugar levels (diuretics, colds or allergies medicines, birth control pills, diet pills, steroids, isoniazid, seizure medicines, medicines to treat asthma, thyroid medicines, and phenothiazines), or drugs that can cause low blood sugar levels (aspirin, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, sulfa drugs, and probenecid). You will need to discuss this with your health care provider. Do not get too worried if you get any of the following mild side effects, as they go away on their own in most cases: runny nose, signs of cold, tooth problems, sneezing, muscle pain, and headache. More serious side effects are also possible, but these are quite rare. Nevertheless you need to know such side effects are possible and be able to recognize them. Report to your doctor any of the following serious side effects if you suddenly develop them: urinating more than usual, pale skin, loss of appetite, blurred vision, rapid weight gain, chest pain, clay-colored stools, easy bruising or bleeding, and increased thirst or hunger. Never give this medication to other people to whom it was not prescribed, as these people may have a number of contraindications you are unaware of.


Before buy actos, read common information about the drug.

Product forms of actos or actos generic.
Actos 30 mg ( Normal Dosage)
Actos 15 mg (Low Dosage)
The active ingredient: pioglitasone.
Clinic-pharmacological group: oral hypoglycemic drug.

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Looking for actos online? Read how it works. Pharmacological Effects.

Oral hypoglycemic drug, a derivative of thiazolidinedione series. When diabetes type 2 actos reduce insulin resistance causes a decrease blood glucose. After oral administration, actos or actos generic is found in fasting plasma after 30 minutes. Cmax in plasma is reached after 2 hours. Food causes a slight increase in time to reach Cmax of 3-4 hours, but the extent of absorption was not changed. Actos extensively metabolized in the liver as a result of reactions of hydroxylation and oxidation with the formation of metabolites. The concentrations of actos and active metabolites in serum remained at a high level 24 h after a single daily dose.

If you want to buy actos online, look indications for use.

Indications for use.
Diabetes mellitus type 2:
– As an adjunct to diet and exercise;
– For a single agent or in combination therapy.

Before actos purchase read how to use it.

The dose is determined individually.
Actos appointed interior 1 time / day regardless of meals.
For the treatment of type 2 diabetes as monotherapy Actos prescribe a dose of actos 15 mg or actos 30 mg 1 time / day. If necessary, the dose may be gradually increased to a maximum of 45 mg / day.
With the ineffectiveness of monotherapy it should be possible to start combination therapy.
In the combination therapy actos is prescribed in a dose of 15 mg or 30 mg 1 time / day.
In the combination therapy maximum dose of actos is 30 mg / day.
For patients with renal impairment dose adjustment of actos not required.

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When you order actos, you must know side effects.

Side effects.
From a metabolism: possible hypoglycemia.
From the hemopoietic system: 1-1. 6% – anemia, 2-4% – decrease in hemoglobin and hematocrit. These changes mainly occurred 4-12 weeks after starting treatment.

Before you buy actos, look contraindications.

– Diabetes mellitus type 1;
– Pregnancy ;
– Lactation (breastfeeding);
– Established hypersensitivity to pioglitazone or to any of the ingredients.

Before you purchase actos or actos generic, read the following information.

Pregnancy and lactation.
Adequate and well controlled studies of the safety of Actos during pregnancy wasn’t conducted. The currently available information suggests that elevated blood glucose levels during pregnancy are associated with increased incidence of congenital anomalies, as well as increased incidence of disease in the neonatal period and an increase in mortality during pregnancy is recommended to use insulin.

Want to buy actos online? Do not exceed dosage.

Has been registered one case of drug overdose Actos (receiving 120 mg / day). It is not mentioned any specific clinical symptoms.
Treatment: symptomatic therapy, depending on the clinical manifestations.

Storage conditions.

The drug should be stored at room temperature between 15 ° and 30 ° C in tightly closed containers. Protect from moisture. Shelf life – 3 years.

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